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Buying a car is associated with high costs, which are often in the mid-five-digit range. Hardly anyone can afford to buy a new car using their own savings. For this reason, many people take out auto loans to fulfill their dream of a luxury car. Contrary to popular belief, it is not a problem if you have another loan in progress. The story is on

Especially with long-term loans (e.g. home finance), it cannot be avoided to take out another loan for necessary purchases after a few years. As long as you cover your cost of living and can finance two repayments, a car loan is easily possible despite a loan.

Car loan despite credit – what is particularly important?

Car loan despite credit - what is particularly important?

If you want to take out a car loan despite a loan, the bank will take a close look at your economic performance. After all, it is important that you cover all the necessary costs and at the same time be able to pay off the current credit installments without getting into financial difficulties. Of course, you should also work out whether you would be able to cope with the double burden. If you have a sufficiently high income and the repayments are not a problem, a car loan will be worth it for you despite the loan.

Car loan – find the right bank

Car loan - find the right bank

As with any other loan, the terms are very important for car loans. If you do not like a component (e.g. interest rate, term length or monthly installments), you should not accept the loan offer. On the Internet, you have the option of comparing different banks with each other and making loan applications with just a few clicks.

Since the conditions of the online banks are usually more advantageous than those of the branch banks, you will benefit in every respect. As mentioned earlier, the fact that you already have a loan in progress is not a reason for the loan cancellation. It can only be problematic if you are more often in arrears with your repayments.

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Loans to school employees: the complete guide. Tue, 31 Dec 2019 14:52:12 +0000

Loans to public school employees ? It can be done! As we explained in the article dedicated to loans for online teachers, all state and public employees can request facilitated forms of financing by following simple procedures within everyone’s reach. The reference portal is called PaNet and was created for the management of personal data, including the salary of administered employees. The school’s employees can electronically managethe procedures relating to the issue of the documentation relating to the financing, also thanks to the support of Agents in Financial Activities who have signed a specific agreement with the RiuL, NiPS and PaNet. Let’s see in detail how it works.

Definition of RiuL and PaNet loan in agreement

Definition of MIUR and NoiPA loan in agreement

The field of loans for public school employees, with less expert eyes, may appear more complex than it actually is. This, in part, is due to the plurality of circulating words and acronyms. Let’s start with the definition. ” RiuL loans “, ” PaNet loans “, ” loans to teachers “, ” loans for state employees “… these and other formulas actually indicate the same type of loan agreement, reserved for public school employees and, in general, for the “administrated” managed by the PaNet system.

The two forms: small loan and multi-year loan

The two forms: small loan and multi-year loan

The school employees have the right to ask, through PaNet portal, two types of loans: the small loan and long-term loan. The differences between a small loan and a multi-year loan are given by the nature of the one and the other loan:

Small loan : ideal for facing daily needs, it is distinguished by the low amount (from which the adjective is small), the number of installments (from 12 to 48 maximum) and the absence of special requirements required. The downside of this loan is the amount of funding, which is often too limitedto meet the needs of the applicant. Added to this are various ancillary costs, including administrative costs and the cost of the premium Risk Fund, policy whose amount varies with the amount of the loan.

Long-term loan : a form of personal financing reserved for public employees with a permanent contract of four years of seniority or a fixed-term contract of not less than three years. The duration varies from 60 to 120 months. In this case the main disadvantage is the constraints, as long-term loans are granted only for specific demonstrable expenses with appropriate documentation. The practice can also be very long and complex, causing significant delays with obvious consequences on the availability of money.

Benefits of loans for school employees

Benefits of loans for school employees

What happens when the small loan is not enough to carry out its projects and it is not possible to access the multi-year loan because the specific case history is not foreseen? The most flexible and advantageous way to apply for a loan for school employees is called the Cession of the Fourthe in the PaNet agreement. With this specific type of loan you will have the guarantee of an always sustainable installment, as it can never exceed 20% of your net salary. Its strengths are many and include:

  • Fixed rate in the agreement
  • Automated procedure for issuing loan documentation
  • Insurance policy included
  • Restitution through direct deductions in payroll
  • Installment up to 10 years

Are you a teacher? Here’s how to apply for a loan

Are you a teacher? Here

To apply for a loan as a public school teacher, you can contact the credit institutions that have signed a special PaNet agreement. This is a mandatory confirmation to be sure to contact trusted partners who have passed a shared procedural procedure. Loans & Financing – has been a member of PaNet’s financial companies for years and offers teachers who so desire the opportunity to receive free consultations and estimates. Choosing us means relying on industry professionals with over 20 years of experience in Spesk de Dalpo and other forms of practical and safe financing. Contact us without obligation to learn more and we will find together theloan best suited to realize your every project !

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Top Online loans – application, references, discussion Sat, 28 Dec 2019 15:24:31 +0000


If top loans are really interesting, it’s definitely a choice of what we can choose. In contrast to other non-banking companies, they are not necessarily oriented in one single direction, but go through several different options.

Let us therefore map out what can be obtained, under what conditions and what are the possible advantages of the variants.

When we need only a few thousand

When we need only a few thousand

The top loans naturally start their offer, so-called micro-loans. Thus, loans aimed at offering lower amounts, which are mainly intended to solve minor financial problems. In this respect, variants are available, where we can get an amount between 1 and 5 thousand dollars within 15 minutes . And because both have different conditions, it is not a problem for us to choose such an option if we want to:

  • Money without proof of income
  • Without consulting the registers
  • With a maturity of ten months

Top Loans? Definitely a classic non-bank loan

Top Loans?  Definitely a classic non-bank loan

The basis of the offer is of course the basic employee non-bank loan. It is possible to borrow an amount within the range of 10,000 – 80,000 dollars without any problems, without registers or guarantor. Here, however, it should be noted that Top loans are divided into cash and non-cash loans. In the first variant we can borrow a maximum of 25,000 USD, while the second option already applies the highest limit. The conditions are relatively simple, namely the need for monthly income, own employment and also the age limit of 18 – 65 years. And what are the main advantages? These are summarized on the web as follows: “Request simply over the Internet in a few minutes. You do not need a guarantor or pledge.Free of charge for handling the loan ”

Offer for entrepreneurs

Offer for entrepreneurs

The last option that is offered is, of course, the possibility of business loans. It is also a sought-after product for all who have their own business, or for all who have a trade license. They can also reach quite interesting amounts, specifically the sums of 10 – 300 thousand dollars. It is only important to choose from two options. The first is a business loan without a specific purpose which will offer up to USD 50,000. The second option is a classic special-purpose loan, where it is possible to achieve the above 300,000 USD. In both cases, the basic documents are mainly account statements, tax returns and recent invoices. Everything should prove that your business is truly doing business and thriving.

Is it a good deal?

Top Loans?  Definitely a classic non-bank loan

Certainly we can say that if you burn in the banking segment, Top loans are a good alternative. This is because the company is mainly an intermediary and so it can help us with the most advantageous offer for ourselves.

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Good Finance grants a loan to an 18-year-old, get a boost Tue, 10 Dec 2019 07:15:33 +0000

Good Finance grants two types of leverage to an 18-year-old. There is Good Finance Free, which is a traditional lever without cost or interest. In addition, there is the Good Finance Flexibility Credit, which is a USD 100-3000 credit account. Both loans have their sides. Consumers are well suited to a small loan need as the economy dips. Flexicurity, on the other hand, provides longer-term security for your financial affairs by assisting with your everyday life like a credit card.

When the age of 18 comes, you will have the right to apply for a loan from various lenders in Finland. However, the loan condition is that the borrower must have a steady income. For example, students who live on student subsidies are rarely granted a loan. This is part of responsible lending.

Tip for 18-year-olds: Good Finance 

Tip for 18 year olds: Good Finance 

Good Finance is an instant loan of $ 100-300. It is a free one-time loan that does not accrue any expense or interest during the term of the loan. For example, when you borrow $ 300, you pay back the same $ 300. Therefore, the leverage does not increase the interest rate when complying with the terms of the loan.

The loan period for a no-frills VIP is 14 days. The loan should, therefore, be repaid in full within two weeks in one lump sum.

If the loan is not repaid within the term specified in the loan terms, the non-performing loan will be converted into a traditional instant loan.

Good Finance Free

  • Free and interest-free
  • One-time loan of USD 100-300
  • 3-5 minute loan application
  • 14 day payment period

An idle lever is ideally applied just before payday to even out your everyday purchases. It fills the fridge or pays off the overdue electricity bill. On payday, the VIP can be paid off and the loan period does not expire. This keeps the lever free of wear and interest.

A loan for an 18-year-old

A loan for an 18 year old

There are no requirements for a small lever other than 18 years of age, a permanent address in Finland and a clean credit default register. Borrowers who have lost their credit history will not be granted credit. Good Finance adheres to responsible lending and its standards do not include granting credit to a defaulter. At worst, a payment default entry can take up to years. The fastest way to get rid of a default payment entry is to repay your debt according to a payment plan.

The loan is based on these basic principles, but it is a good idea for everyone to weigh their own situation carefully before submitting a loan application. Applying for a loan doesn’t make sense if your income is really low. A loan application can also be denied if the borrower has no income other than, for example, unemployment benefit or study allowance.

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Loan USD 7000 ┬╗See your loan options and requirements here Mon, 18 Nov 2019 07:18:17 +0000

There is simply nothing more frustrating than standing and missing money every now and then. There may be several reasons why you should borrow USD 7000, but what they have in common is that you do not have the money right now.

You can see an incredibly good deal on a new TV, a delicious cancellation trip or something quite third, but it’s the end of the month.

In the following blog post, we, Good Finance, will discuss your loan options if you want to borrow USD 7,000, both at the bank, but also at online credit institutions. We will discuss what you need to pay special attention to and make sure you are equipped to choose exactly the loan that suits your situation.

Loan 7000 USD, but where to go?

Loan 7000 USD, but where to go?

Many Danes can often stand at the end of the month and lack money. If a good deal is then created, it can be difficult to strike – especially if you need to spend 7000 USD or more! A loan of USD 7,000 can alleviate most financial distress. It can give you the financial freedom you need at the end of the month, so you can hit the offer.

Then you probably ask yourself: “Where can I loan her 7000 USD at all?”. Don’t worry, you have more options. A single google search for “loan 7000 USD today” gives you an insight into a loan market where you can freely choose and choose between the many providers.

Here you will find banks and online credit institutions that can give you a loan on very different loan terms. Here we, Good Finance, are also an online credit institution, which of course can also borrow 7000 USD. But what do you need to pay special attention to when borrowing from the bank or online?

Loan 7000 USD in the bank


If you want to explore your options for borrowing USD 7000 in the bank, you can finally just call them. However, you may risk waiting a bit, as their phone time is usually very limited. That’s because you don’t always know when your bank advisor is at work.

If they are at work, submit a budget, tax information and explain why the £ 7000 loan is important to you. All of this may take 1-2 weeks, depending on your bank advisor’s bustle. After 1-2 weeks you will then receive an answer to your application, but imagine if you get a refusal?

Well enough long time you have invested to no avail of the world, and now the offer is gone too. Fortunately, you have several choices that we will cover below.

Loan 7000 USD online with Good Finance


If you want to borrow 7000 USD online, you really have many loan providers to choose from. They all compete to make sure you borrow from them. It gives you really good loan terms, both on price but also on other loan terms.

At Good Finance we also offer an online annuity loan, where you can borrow from USD 5000-25,000. That is, you pay the same benefit every month for the entire term of the loan. The term of the loan of 7000 USD you decide on your own to fit your schedule.

There are really no unpleasant surprises – you are in complete safe hands with us. If you want to borrow 7000 USD, you only need your Account, CPR number and two minutes of your time. We also give you answers right away, compared to the bank, where you can often wait for up to 2 weeks.

You can apply for a loan of USD 7000, 365 days a year, and we pay off all hours of the day, including holidays. If your loan application is approved, you will receive the money in your account immediately. We don’t ask what you need the money for – you can use it for whatever you want!

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Online car credit comparator: watch out for the slip . Sat, 26 Oct 2019 06:13:32 +0000


Going through an online car loan comparator should simplify the process of finding the best rate. But not all auto credit comparators are created equal, beware. On the other hand, to find the best car loan, you have to differentiate between the loans offered by large specialized organizations, banks and that of dealers.

And why an online car loan? Because online credit provides an immediate answer in principle . We can therefore know what rates the banking organizations are really ready to grant. For this, we will address the following subjects:

  • How to recognize a good online car credit comparator?
  • Differentiate between proposed and accepted rates
  • How to negotiate a credit with the bank or the concessionaire?

How to recognize a good online car credit comparator?

How to recognize a good online car credit comparator?

The most important point that differentiates good credit comparators from dream sellers is the ranking criterion. Indeed, many online credit comparators do not clearly show the criterion by which they rank the offers of credit agencies. And for good reason, their only interest is that the customer’s request brings them a maximum of money . And not necessarily that their client gets a cheap car credit rate . There are some who do even better by not even offering a classification at the end of the file entry and automatically orienting the file where it suits them!

Difficult under these conditions to trust an online car credit comparator. To remove as many doubts as possible, we advise you to make sure that the car loan rate offered is a fixed APR rate . And that it offers a specific rate not a rate range. Indeed, this is the legal rate that the Consumer Credit Law imposes on all organizations in matters of credit communication. It includes all costs, including administration fees if there are any.

Our online auto credit comparator is based on this fixed APR rate. But as we detail in this video, this is not the only criterion to take into account.

How to actually get the best rate from an online car loan?

How to actually get the best rate from an online car loan?

Once you have passed the step of finding an online car loan comparison based on the fixed APR rate, you have to make the difference between being able to see a ranking and knowing if you are eligible for the best rate . Which can be very different when it comes to online car loans. Indeed, credit organizations may tend to offer promo rates to attract many customers but only accept the best files to keep their margin.

If a promotional rate offer is offered, the credit organization will see its margin decrease. But unlike other sectors, in credit it is possible to compensate for this loss of margin by increasing that on credit risk. Indeed, financial companies estimate a medium level of risk for all files. This risk ultimately corresponds to a loss for them. To minimize this loss, it is enough that they only accept good files and the margin is kept.

To prevent customers from getting caught in this system, our exclusive credit questionnaire provides a real-time response in principle from the cheapest credit organization. If the file does not pass, it is possible to query the second and third best rates. We are therefore an online car loan comparator which allows us to obtain a ranking of the best rates but which also allows us to know at what rate each application can be accepted.

What is the point of going through an online car loan comparator?

What is the point of going through an online car loan comparator?

Whether it is for a used car loan or to finance the purchase of a new car, it is legitimate to know what there is to gain by going through an online car loan comparator. It seems best to give a concrete example. Let us take the hypothesis of the purchase of a new car in the amount of 10,000 USD (a contribution having been made by the recovery or sale of the old car) for a reimbursement period of 60 months.

Least expensive fixed APR rate: 2.89% monthly payment: 179.03 USD cost of credit: 741.80 USD
Most expensive fixed APR rate: 6.63% monthly payment: 195.36 USD cost of credit: 1,721.60 USD

Or almost 1000 USD more for exactly the same credit! This is what an online car loan comparator can avoid!

NB: New car loans and used car loans do not have quite the same rates. Those of the new car loan are a little cheaper (simply related to the fact that a new car has more value on average and can be seized in the event of reimbursement problem). But to get a new car loan, you will need to provide proof of purchase.

Compare dealer and bank rates

Compare dealer and bank rates

Credit agencies are not the only ones to offer car credit . We must also consider the offers of dealers and those of banks.

Car loan from banks

Banks are not really specialized in consumer credit. Their main fault is that they have not developed an approach to acquire new customers for this product. The consequence is that they are only able to grant credits to known customers and to the best of them. The second defect generated by this non-specialization is that they only offer attractive rates too rarely.

Conclusion, to get a good car loan from banks, it is better to be a good customer, sufficient old, and more … We have nevertheless set up a negotiation method for those who think they can get a good offer from their bank.

Dealer auto credit

Even if their rates are rather more expensive than those of specialists throughout the year, when credit promotions are offered, it is difficult to do better. In particular with auto credit at 0% rate. You can go through our online car credit comparison, impossible to beat this offer.

Be careful not to neglect the negotiation of the price of the car in this case! Because we estimated that a free credit was equivalent on average to 7 to 8% discount on the price of the vehicle. And the seller may be reluctant to make a move while the rest of the year, it may be that the reduction on the car was 15%!

Dealers’ credit, which cannot be integrated into our online car credit comparator, since their rates are not on the net, is nevertheless the subject of our negotiation technique.

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The LOA Peugeot, more interesting than a car loan? Sun, 20 Oct 2019 03:52:57 +0000

Prospective buyers of a Peugeot must have heard of LOA solutions. Indispensable, rental with option has become the preferred auto financing solution for the French. However, it is a more expensive formula on average than conventional car credit. Let us delude the true from the false with a small study of the LOA proposed by Peugeot.

The Peugeot LOA explained

The Peugeot LOA explained

Here are the characteristics of the rental with purchase option offered by Credither, finance company of the Peugeot group:

  • LOA without compulsory contribution
  • A monthly rent fixed in advance
  • Possibility to buy or return the vehicle or term of the contract
  • Option to buy the vehicle from the 12th month

The Peugeot LOA corresponds to a perspective pack. It differs from the “Axcess” pack, which is associated with a more classic car loan. We have already compared the depreciable Peugeot credit when we reviewed PSA’s offers.

Peugeot LOA or classic car credit?

Peugeot LOA or classic car credit?

The majority of French people have abandoned car credit in favor of the LOA, no doubt reassured by the promise of small monthly payments and the possibility of changing vehicles at the end of the contract. Renting with a purchase option, however, raises several questions from a competitiveness point of view.

The negative points of LOA

  • It costs more on average than a new or conventional used car loan.
  • Its APR rate is never communicated on contracts.
  • The driver is only the tenant of the vehicle.
  • The complete “maintenance” package included in the monthly payments is not always suitable.
  • Penalties are applied in the event of exceeding the mileage rate established in the contract.
  • The vehicle must be returned in immaculate condition, in which case additional costs may be applied.

His advantages

  • It is generally associated with small monthly payments.
  • The LOA is easier to obtain than a conventional car loan.

Comparison of LOA rates for a Peugeot 308

We carried out a simulation of Peugeot LOA on the Peugeot site, looking for a car available immediately for a test in the dealership. We chose a Peugeot 308 SW Access PureTech 110, sold at a net price of $ 20,700 (June 2019). The LOA Peugeot offers us to personalize the funding, so that it best suits our profile. Here is what we choose on the LOA Peugeot simulator:

  • No contribution 
  • Annual mileage: 15,000
  • Duration of the Peugeot LOA: 49 months
  • No additional service (PCS Maintenance, PCS Warranty extension, replacement security)
  • Without optional insurance

Result of our simulation

  • 49 rents of $ 305.53
  • Purchase option at the end of 49 months: $ 9,936.00
  • Total amount due in the event of acquisition: $ 24,906.97

Interest therefore reaches $ 4,206.97, i.e. the total cost in the event of acquisition – the initial sale price ($ 24,906.97 – $ 20,700). The APR rate of our Peugeot 308 LOA simulation peaks at 6.92%!

Auto credit, the cheapest solution?

Auto credit, the cheapest solution?

Our auto credit comparator has been designed to offer the best rates charged by credit organizations. A new car loan simulation over 72 months allows us to obtain monthly payments very close to those found on our Peugeot LOA simulation, namely 305.53 USD. However, we see that the auto loan rate of the two best specialists reaches 4.10% and 4.15% fixed APR respectively. To go further in the comparison, we must look at our survey ” LOA, LLD, car credit: which one to choose?” “.

The LOA Peugeot in a nutshell

The LOA Peugeot in a nutshell

The rental formula with purchase option offered by Peugeot is well established. The manufacturer puts forward takeover offers and offers a real simulator. The LOA Peugeot is completely on the road. It is for example possible to carry out a simulation, but above all to obtain an immediate agreement in principle. An online request form present on the group’s website allows you to start online procedures. You just need to enter your identity and profession to get a first opinion.

Principle immediate response

A first agreement in principle makes it possible to reserve the chosen vehicle for 3 days. The chosen point of sale is then authorized to establish contact by email or telephone in order to plan a visit to the concession. It is also possible to print the summary of the pre-contract in PDF format. The cost of credit is well specified, but still no rate on the horizon.

Good to know: it is possible to retract and thus cancel the sale for 14 days. Only an express delivery request can reduce this period. In any case, it can never be less than 3 days, nor more than 14 days.

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