Good Finance grants a loan to an 18-year-old, get a boost

Good Finance grants two types of leverage to an 18-year-old. There is Good Finance Free, which is a traditional lever without cost or interest. In addition, there is the Good Finance Flexibility Credit, which is a USD 100-3000 credit account. Both loans have their sides. Consumers are well suited to a small loan need as the economy dips. Flexicurity, on the other hand, provides longer-term security for your financial affairs by assisting with your everyday life like a credit card.

When the age of 18 comes, you will have the right to apply for a loan from various lenders in Finland. However, the loan condition is that the borrower must have a steady income. For example, students who live on student subsidies are rarely granted a loan. This is part of responsible lending.

Tip for 18-year-olds: Good Finance 

Tip for 18 year olds: Good Finance 

Good Finance is an instant loan of $ 100-300. It is a free one-time loan that does not accrue any expense or interest during the term of the loan. For example, when you borrow $ 300, you pay back the same $ 300. Therefore, the leverage does not increase the interest rate when complying with the terms of the loan.

The loan period for a no-frills VIP is 14 days. The loan should, therefore, be repaid in full within two weeks in one lump sum.

If the loan is not repaid within the term specified in the loan terms, the non-performing loan will be converted into a traditional instant loan.

Good Finance Free

  • Free and interest-free
  • One-time loan of USD 100-300
  • 3-5 minute loan application
  • 14 day payment period

An idle lever is ideally applied just before payday to even out your everyday purchases. It fills the fridge or pays off the overdue electricity bill. On payday, the VIP can be paid off and the loan period does not expire. This keeps the lever free of wear and interest.

A loan for an 18-year-old

A loan for an 18 year old

There are no requirements for a small lever other than 18 years of age, a permanent address in Finland and a clean credit default register. Borrowers who have lost their credit history will not be granted credit. Good Finance adheres to responsible lending and its standards do not include granting credit to a defaulter. At worst, a payment default entry can take up to years. The fastest way to get rid of a default payment entry is to repay your debt according to a payment plan.

The loan is based on these basic principles, but it is a good idea for everyone to weigh their own situation carefully before submitting a loan application. Applying for a loan doesn’t make sense if your income is really low. A loan application can also be denied if the borrower has no income other than, for example, unemployment benefit or study allowance.

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