Loans to school employees: the complete guide.

Loans to public school employees ? It can be done! As we explained in the article dedicated to loans for online teachers, all state and public employees can request facilitated forms of financing by following simple procedures within everyone’s reach. The reference portal is called PaNet and was created for the management of personal data, including the salary of administered employees. The school’s employees can electronically managethe procedures relating to the issue of the documentation relating to the financing, also thanks to the support of Agents in Financial Activities who have signed a specific agreement with the RiuL, NiPS and PaNet. Let’s see in detail how it works.

Definition of RiuL and PaNet loan in agreement

Definition of MIUR and NoiPA loan in agreement

The field of loans for public school employees, with less expert eyes, may appear more complex than it actually is. This, in part, is due to the plurality of circulating words and acronyms. Let’s start with the definition. ” RiuL loans “, ” PaNet loans “, ” loans to teachers “, ” loans for state employees “… these and other formulas actually indicate the same type of loan agreement, reserved for public school employees and, in general, for the “administrated” managed by the PaNet system.

The two forms: small loan and multi-year loan

The two forms: small loan and multi-year loan

The school employees have the right to ask, through PaNet portal, two types of loans: the small loan and long-term loan. The differences between a small loan and a multi-year loan are given by the nature of the one and the other loan:

Small loan : ideal for facing daily needs, it is distinguished by the low amount (from which the adjective is small), the number of installments (from 12 to 48 maximum) and the absence of special requirements required. The downside of this loan is the amount of funding, which is often too limitedto meet the needs of the applicant. Added to this are various ancillary costs, including administrative costs and the cost of the premium Risk Fund, policy whose amount varies with the amount of the loan.

Long-term loan : a form of personal financing reserved for public employees with a permanent contract of four years of seniority or a fixed-term contract of not less than three years. The duration varies from 60 to 120 months. In this case the main disadvantage is the constraints, as long-term loans are granted only for specific demonstrable expenses with appropriate documentation. The practice can also be very long and complex, causing significant delays with obvious consequences on the availability of money.

Benefits of loans for school employees

Benefits of loans for school employees

What happens when the small loan is not enough to carry out its projects and it is not possible to access the multi-year loan because the specific case history is not foreseen? The most flexible and advantageous way to apply for a loan for school employees is called the Cession of the Fourthe in the PaNet agreement. With this specific type of loan you will have the guarantee of an always sustainable installment, as it can never exceed 20% of your net salary. Its strengths are many and include:

  • Fixed rate in the agreement
  • Automated procedure for issuing loan documentation
  • Insurance policy included
  • Restitution through direct deductions in payroll
  • Installment up to 10 years

Are you a teacher? Here’s how to apply for a loan

Are you a teacher? Here

To apply for a loan as a public school teacher, you can contact the credit institutions that have signed a special PaNet agreement. This is a mandatory confirmation to be sure to contact trusted partners who have passed a shared procedural procedure. Loans & Financing – has been a member of PaNet’s financial companies for years and offers teachers who so desire the opportunity to receive free consultations and estimates. Choosing us means relying on industry professionals with over 20 years of experience in Spesk de Dalpo and other forms of practical and safe financing. Contact us without obligation to learn more and we will find together theloan best suited to realize your every project !

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